PFA Set To Hire Kat Williams For Annual Christmas Party

30 Apr

After being ‘surprised’ by the content of comedian Reginald D Hunter’s routine during the PFA’s annual awards show last night, the PFA has quickly announced that another American comedian, Katt Williams will take over as the master of ceremonies for the 2013 Christmas Dinner.

Image‘Where am I?’

‘We had to move quickly’ said deputy chief executive Bobby Barnes . ‘It’s important we distance ourselves from the kind of content that Mr. Hunter presented.’

After recent seasons where racism, and the FA’s handling of the issue within the game, has returned to the forefront of the sport – the PFA faced criticism for hiring an act who repeatedly used the word ‘nigga’.

‘As an inordinate number of old white men, it’s important to us that we prove to others that we don’t tolerate that kind of language – especially from one of “their” own’ Said Carslisle. ‘I’m just happy he had dropped the hard ‘R’. That would have been a nightmare.’

In an attempt to absolve themselves from blame, Barnes repeatedly pointed to the fact that neither he, nor any of his dying white friends could have had any idea about Hunter’s act.

‘I don’t think anyone could have known. What are we supposed to do, magically conjure up his videos or something? Ha…I mean, c’mon. Although in saying that, I’m surprised Clark didn’t know him. I would have thought they’d be friends.’ He said, referring to PFA chairman Clark Carlisle.

A regular at the world renowned ‘Edinburgh Comedy Festival’ –  the titles of Hunter’s previous Edinburgh festival shows include ‘A Mystery Wrapped In A Nigga’, ‘Pride And Prejudice And Niggas’, ‘F*ck You In The Age Of Consequence’, ‘The Only Apple In The Garden Of Eden And Niggas’, ‘Trophy Nigger’ and ‘Work In Progress…And Niggas.’

‘We’re confident Kat Williams will be a delight.’ Said Barnes. ‘We saw him in Norbit and it was much more family friendly.’

ImageChristmas Treat


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